[Woman] In Black

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hey guys - happy summer! I hope you guys are enjoying the hot summer days. I went to the beach not too long ago and decided to wear my Triangl bikini. The material is neoprene and it will hug every single part of your body. But I realized, you have to really tie it well in order for you to be comfortable. In the beginning I didn't tie it well it enough so it felt a little awkward but now I found the most comfortable way to tie these bad boys. 

And who doesn't like the color black? I'm obsessed. 

And these shorts are my favorite at the moment. They are from Citizens of Humanity and they have a really interesting twist to 'em. If you look closely, the top portion of my shorts look like they have been eaten by my dog. But I can assure you - my dog has never chewed up my clothes. Haha :)

Citizens of Humanity Destroyed Denim Shorts (something similar)

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